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Does your business website need an SSL certificate?

Does your school website need an SSL certificate?

If your business website currently does not use an SSL certificate, starting July 2018 your site will be labelled as ‘Not Secure’ in every Chrome browser. In this article, we are going to tell you why need to care and what you need to do to make sure you are compliant.

What is the difference between a secure (https://) and non-secure (http://) website connection?

When a website address starts with “HTTP” the information travelling between the user’s web browser and the internet is transmitted “in the clear” without encryption and, if intercepted, can be read by a hacker. If the address starts with “HTTPS”,  the connection between the user’s browser and the internet is “encrypted” and therefore secure. This is why shops where you enter credit card info like Amazon, or financial institutions offering online banking such as Lloyds Bank offer a secure “HTTPS” connection to users.

Google and a safer internet

Since 2017 Google has been on a mission to make the internet a safer place by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. Since early 2017 if your site had no SSL certificate, your site had a subtle exclamation mark to warn users that your website was not totally secure. From July 2018 this is all set to change and any sites without a valid SSL certificate will be labelled as ‘not secure’. This would have a negative and unsettling impact on the users of your site, as well as many other factors that could damage your business’s brand.

I use Internet Explorer. Why should I care about Google Chrome? 

Because Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet and currently has 58.4% market share, and this figure is rising every day. For comparison, Internet Explorer currently has 8.92% market share, and that number is going down over time.

An SSL certificate provides many other additional benefits to your business website:

  • Keeps you up to date with current best practice on the internet
  • Is one of the key areas to make sure your GDPR compliant
  • Google gives an SEO ranking boost to sites with SSL encryption
  • Visitors will not see unsettling warnings that your business website is not secure
  • Provides parents and other visitors with a professional level of trust and confidence
  • Any contact form submissions will be encrypted and secure

Do I need to pay for my SSL certificate?

In a word, no. Thanks to the Linux Foundation, the “Let’s Encrypt” service offers a free basic SSL certificate and is being made available by most reputable website hosting providers. The certificate is valid for 90 days and renews automatically, you do not need to do anything. This kind of certificate is perfect for most business’s who have nothing more than contact forms on their site. If you have a shop on your site, you may look into paid certificates, but honestly, they are really not needed for 99% of most business websites.

How do I implement SSL on my business website?

If you are one of our clients you will already have SSL installed, free of charge. Also, for every new business website we design, we install an SSL certificate as part of your yearly maintenance package.

I do not have SSL and I use another business website company. What are my options?

Talk to your provider. With GDPR and the Chrome deadline of July 2018 fast approaching, there really is no excuse to at least have a free certificate installed.

Let Us Help You…

Brothers Creative works in partnership with businesses all sizes to create some of the best WordPress websites in the U.K. We are a WordPress Agency you can rely on.

If you are searching for an experienced WordPress Web Designer then please do get in contact with us – we would love to be involved in your next project!

Jason Brothers

Jason Brothers is the owner of Brothers Creative and his mission is to make your business more successful online. He has been in the design and marketing industry since 1996, working with brands such as Sotheby's, Royal Mail, American Express, and BP. Jason is from Northampton and currently lives there with his wife and three children.

Our Clients Love Us!

“We are regularly faced with challenging projects which generate a large amount of complex and integrated design work with many stakeholders needing to make decisions. Jason was always supportive as the designer on the project; suggesting ideas around problem issues, taking the initiative on the details and simply a pleasure to work with. I would thoroughly recommend Jason to anyone wanting great creative results from a designer with an eye for detail as well as a business brain.”


“We have been very impressed by Brothers Creative’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the international development of our company.”

National Locums

“Brothers Creative have implemented some great creative solutions for us. They have taken the time to understand what we were trying to achieve, establishing a consistent visual approach which has worked well for us. Importantly, they have consistently demonstrated both patience and, critically, a sense of humour!”

Freeths LLP

'Our school has been using Brothers Creative for our school website for the last three years. Working with them we started from scratch on our new site and I have always found them to be helpful and professional as well as flexible. Our school website is easy to use, maintain and navigate and we have been able to build in extra functionality over time. Technical support is always on hand and reasonably priced. Jason is friendly, personable and clearly loves working with schools. I would not go anywhere else for a school website provider.'

Bracken Leas School

“It is an absolute pleasure working with Brothers Creative. When working on projects and campaigns, Jason is thorough from start to finish and is brilliant with introducing fresh and exciting ideas. It's comforting working with a company who understands National Locums' company ethos inside out, which is why our branding is so strong and effective. I would highly recommend Brothers Creative if you want your business to stand out and really give your branding that creative twist!”

National Locums

“Brothers Creative designed our school website as well as a new school prospectus. At all points, it was clear that we had absolute control of what we wanted the final result to look like. At a recent inspection, Ofsted were particularly impressed with the website design! The communication is good and Brothers Creative are always easy to contact. All in all, a very positive experience. Thank you!”

St. Andrews CEVA

“We have used Brothers Creative for 6 of our school websites in the past 4 years. In all cases, we have had outstanding results. Coordination from concept, through design to implementation and follow-up, has been excellent.”

Inspiring Futures Through Learning

“We are thrilled with Brothers Creative's fabulous design work. They understood what we wanted and offered us creative ideas which helped to move our thinking forward. They were thoroughly great to work with – professional and personable. We would unconditionally recommend them to anyone.”

The Grange School

'I love our academy website and brochure! From the start of the idea to it's completion, Jason supported us with his experience and technical advice! We often have comments from parents, new staff and visitors about how easy to use it is and how it gives such a good impression of the academy. We are always looking at ways to improve the ways in which we share information on the website and have constant ideas for improvements. With Jason supporting and advising us this is easy to achieve. Great service, thank you!'

Oakway Academy

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