How to add news updates to your google my business (GMB) listing

How to add school news updates to your google business listing

In our last article, we explained why you should claim the free listing for your business in Google My Business. Google has now released a rather nifty little feature that enables businesses to post updates to appear alongside their Google My Business listing.

Each post you create will be displayed on your listing for seven days, at which point it is archived. You can still see it in your account information, but it no longer shows on your public listing.

What is the benefit of doing this?

The new ‘Google Post’ feature allows you to get a message out to customers before they even visit your website. It can be a news article or even a big upcoming event.

Let’s get started

Ok, it’s time to start adding posts to your Google My Business listing. It’s straightforward to do, and I’ve broken it down into steps below.

Step One

The first thing you need to do is visit your Google My Business page and sign in or sign up if you have no account set up.

Step Two

Once you are logged in to your dashboard, navigate to the ‘Posts’ tab.

Step Three

Now you are in the posts section; you can see past posts that you created as well as the option to create a new one. If you click on any previous posts that have been archived, you can publish them again. Remember that you can only have one published post at a time and they only last for seven days. We are going to go ahead and create a new post, so click on the ‘write your post’ section to begin.

Step Four

This will open a popup box that will allow you to add your post content. As well as creating your post content you can make the post an event with a date and time or add a ‘call to action’ button that lets your visitors click through to your website or a link of your choosing. In our example, we have added our latest blog post with a ‘learn more’ button which takes them to our website. Once you are happy, you can then preview the post or publish it.

Step Five

Congratulations! You have just added your first Google post. Whenever anyone searches for you online, your post will appear in your listing.


Don’t stop there!

It’s great that you’ve made your first post! If you keep posting to your school listing and keep it updated in general, you will notice the boost in footfall to your website. Keeping your Google My Business listing updated helps to show that ‘the lights are on’, that your company is active and engaged. It also contributes to the all-important ranking score that Google gives you! The more information in your listing and the more recent the updates are influences whether or not Google thinks you’re a responsible, forward-thinking business and as a result, they’ll send more people your way!

I hope you found this article useful and if you have any questions you can call us on 01604 581042 or contact us.


Jason Brothers

Jason Brothers is the founder and owner of Brothers Creative and has been in the industry since 1996. His vision is to provide online marketing solutions that work for small business.